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Abstract for the MONDAYNovember 17, 1997 Robotics Institute Seminar

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Development of the Honda Humanoid Robot

Kazuo Hirai
Wako Research Center
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

NOTE: 11am sharp, Hamburg Hall 1000

Honda announced a humanoid robot with two legs and two arms in December 20 1996. The robot walks not only forward and backward but also diagonally either to the right and left, and turns into any direction as well. The robot also can steadily walk up and down staircase without missing a step, and push a cart with coordinated movement of its legs and arms. This robot with its unique posture stability control can keep its balance against unexpected disturbances such as irregularities and unevenness on the floor surface.
      This talk will present an outline of the structure and functions of the robot with video, along with the development history. The basic principle of robot's posture recovery control will be also briefly explained.

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