Guide to organizing post-seminar receptions

  • The total budget for one reception is $500.
  • The organizer needs to get food, drink, plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for about 60 people.
  • Food can often be arranged with a restaurant. If they will not deliver directly to campus, you may be able to use the Wheel Deliver delivery service (412-421-9346).
  • Alcohol has been approved for these events. Make sure to get the alchol consent form signed before the day of the event. We've been buying a combination of wine and beer in order to have a change of pace from the TGs. Generally, about 5 or 6 liters of wine and a case of beer is plenty.
  • Juice and soda should be provided as well - PharMor is an inexpensive place to get soda, but anywhere will do.
  • The reception should be advertised to the ri-people@ri mailing list several days in advance, as well as the day before and the day of the reception.
  • Posters should be made up for the event. See Debbie Harvard (dmz+@ri) about getting these made. They should be posted several days before the event around all robotics buildings. DO NOT mention that alcohol will be served on any of the posters.
  • All food and drink should be purchased on a Tartan card. Talk to the RoboBanker to find out how has a card that you can use. You also need to find out the oracle account number to charge the food to, the RoboBanker will know this too. You must have a receipt for all expenses and you should not pay taxes as CMU is exempt, the tax exemption number should be on the back of the tartan card you use.
  • Make sure the lounge is clean before the reception.
  • Make sure the lounge is cleaned after the reception.

Originally by Daniel Nikovski, modified by Chris Urmson.
Updated March 18, 2002 by

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