The RoboSaurus: A robotics thesaurus

Robo - A Robotics Graduate Student.

RoboBanker - The treasurer of RoboOrg.

RoboBowl - An annual RoboGrad event at which many amusing monochrome visual images of black balls and white pins are encoded.

Robocentric - From the perspective (either navigational or cognitive) of the robot.

RoboCzar - The head of RoboOrg.

RoboGrad - (syn. Robo) A robotics Ph.D. student. See Robot Doctor.

RoboLounge - The RI Lounge, where RoboPong and RoboFooz are played.

RoboOrg - The official robotics students' organization.

RoboPizza - The fare offered by the RoboCzar (the head of RoboOrg) at our pizza lunches, during which we discuss RoboBusiness.

RoboQuals - The classroom part of what RoboGrads do to become Robot Doctors.

RoboRaft - An annual RoboGrad event at which many amusing visual images of wet things are encoded.

RoboRobics - Exercises done to prepare the mind and body for early morning lectures.

RoboSanta - Mystery gift-giver at the Christmas/Holiday Party.

RoboSaurus - 1) This dictionary of RoboTerms. 2) A RoboGrad who has been in the program for a very long time.

RoboSki - A RoboGrad outdoors event at which many newcomers to the slopes of Pennsylvania become intrigued with the dynamics and control issues in sliding motions under gravitational fields.

Robot Doctor - A graduate of the robotics Ph.D. program.