RoboOrg Power Structure

Elected Positions:

Every year we hold elections to select new RoboOrg officers. The following positions are up for grabs each January:

Promoted Positions:

The following positions are not filled by popular vote. They are filled by automatic promotion of the respective junior member and, therefore, require a two-year commitment from the officer.

Current Officers:

RoboCzars and Senior IRC Representatives
Nidhi Kalra (CK) and David Thompson (CK)

Vice RoboCzars and Junior IRC Representatives
Jake Sprouse (TC)

Social Czar
Eakta Jain (TC)

Social Class Representatives

Senior Program Committee Representative
Tom Stepleton

Junior Program Committee Representative
Kristen Stubbs (TC)

GSA Representatives (2)
Resource key: TC = Tartan Card, CK = Cabinet Key