The position of RoboCzar is really cool! First and foremost, you get a way cool title that you can throw around at your whim! You get to make all kinds of important decisions like who gets a PhD and who gets thrown out on the street after six years of hard labor. (Well, OK, you don't have quite that much power....)

RoboCzar is primarily a management position...most of the actual tasks are assigned to other people, you just have to make sure everything gets done. Social Czar and RoboBanker are your right-hand Robos. They are really the ones who make sure everything gets done, RoboCzar just takes credit for everything. (This is good training for future advisors.)

IRC Representative

The Institute Review Committee (IRC) is a body of two students and a few faculty and staff chartered to discuss strategic and tactical plans of the Robotics Institute. The committee meets at most once per month, based on need, to discuss its business. Most of the discussions focus on tactical planning (i.e. administrative policies and procedures, immediate problems, etc.) rather than strategic, long-range planning.

Occassionally a subcommittee is split off to study an issue, but these usually include faculty and staff rather than students.

The IRC is the appropriate arena for Robos to raise issues of policy, facilities, and the general environment. IRC meetings are generally open to anyone who wants to attend.

Program Committee Representative

The Robotics Program Committee writes and amends the Course of Study document, which defines the requirements for graduation in the Robotics Program, and also rules on students' petitions for variances from the requirements listed in that document.

The student delegates to the Program Committee each have an additional role in committee activities. The junior delegate is a member of the Robotics Teaching Quality Committee (TQC). The senior delegate is both the Robotics Ph.D. Program representative on the SCS Council and the Chairperson of the TQC.

The SCS Council reviews proposals for new degree programs and other academic matters at the level of the School of Computer Science. The TQC, which consists entirely of students, monitors teaching quality in robotics. Putting both members of the Program Committee on the TQC provides a direct channel for this information to reach the committee.

Program Committee meetings are typically quarterly. Any subcommittee work is usually done through email.

Written December 5, 1994 by Richard Voyles and Todd Jochem
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