RoboOrg Minutes from April 19, 2002

Action Items

Carl & Allison to put up survey results.

Raghu & 1st years to organize PSR (April 26).

Rob & 2nd years to organize Black Tuesday (May 21)



1.      Cool Person Award

clear majority in favor of award

majority in favor of students being nominated

majority in favor of open voting

New nominations will be run with students eligible.  Old nominations will be discarded (too confusing to try and match up people’s first round nomination with their second nomination to ensure everyone gets an equal say).  The person with the most nominations will be this year’s cool person recipient.  In case of a tie, some reasonable approach will be used to decide the coolest (there won’t be a run off vote- this seemed to be overly complicate and take too much time).


2. CQC Happening


3. GSA Update


4. Year end move


5. Up-coming events



7. Miscellaneous Updates


Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be in May.