RoboOrg Minutes from March 15, 2002

Action Items

Justin & Aaron will send out an email requesting nominations for the Cool

person award.

Raghu will coordinate roboOrg organized Open house activities-

            Dinner and party on 3/23

            Lunch on 3/25

Rob will organize the PSR for March 29 (or possibly 22nd).

Carl & Allison will provide a summary of the survey results by April 19.

David, Mayaan, Jeremy and others will provide information about grad student stipends at other comparable schools.


1. GSA Happenings

o       We're going to look into what the funding situation is at other relevant institutes.

o       It may make sense for people with spouses/children to get insurance independently.


2. CQC Happening


3. RI Open House


4. RI Gala


5. Year-End move status


6. Upcoming events


7. Miscellaneous Updates


Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be April 19.