RoboOrg Minutes from February 15, 2002

Action Items

Chris will talk directly with Tim Doebler regarding moving coolers.

Justin & Aaron will solicit nominations for the Cool Person Award.

Raghu will coordinate roboOrg organized Open house activities-

            Dinner and party on 3/23

            Lunch on 3/25

Maayan will deal with remaining XBox details with Dec5.

Bart, Bert & Aaron Courville will organize wine and cheese- date TBD.

Rob will organize the PSR for March 29.

Carl & Allison will organize and operate CQC survey.

All- email availabilities for March 13,14 & 15.


1. GSA Happenings


2. CQC Happenings


3. XBox


4. Year-end move


5. T-Shirts


6. Group Photo


7. Gala


8. Cool Person Award


9.  PSR


10.  Open House


11.  Black Friday


12.  Wine and Cheese


Next Meeting

Date TBD, see action items.