RoboOrg Minutes from January 17, 2002

Action Items

Rob will check into the cost of a pool table cover and ladies aid.

Kiran will organize the PSR event for next year.

Maayan will continue discussions regarding the XBox.

David will talk with Cheryl and Matt regarding the re-keying of the lounge.

Chris will talk with Tim Doebler regarding storage space on B level for the


Chris & David will follow up about the GALA.

Everyone will try and find a vice-roboCzar.



1. CQC happenings


2. XBox & the lounge


3. RI Picnic



4. Post Seminar Events will be hosted by:


5.  RI Open House


6.  Black Friday Event


7.  1st Year Move


Next Meeting

The next meeting data will be February 15.