Minutes of RoboOrg Meeting - Feb.26 2001

Were in attendance: David Conner, Aaron Courville, Bernardine Dias, Rosemary Emery, Mike Montemerlo, Joelle Pineau, Sarjoun Skaff, Ashley Stroupe, Paul Tompkins, Chris Urmson, Rob Zlot

Topics discussed:

  • Welcome to new members:
    - David Conner and Chris Urmson as co-Vice-RoboCzar
    - Mike Montemerlo as 4th year rep
  • Congratulations for successful recent events:
    - Sarjoun, for the Happy hour with the Heinz school
    - Rob, for the post-seminar reception
  • Upcoming events:
    - Next PSR: will be in March, organized by 2nd yr (Aaron is in charge). Date to be determined by Sarjoun, Aaron and Jianbo(?)
    - Skating party: will be in ~2weeks, organized by 4th yr (Mike is in charge). May be held in conjunction with LTI grad students (Mike will talk to their rep). Date to be determined with LTI rep.
    - Other events in March: Wine and cheese (Bert is organizing), Open house party (will be held at Dave/Fernando's house, Rob will find volunteers), Open house lunch (Bert and Sid are organizing)
  • Meetings with administration:
    - Bernardine and Joelle met with Matt Mason, Chuck Thorpe, Cheryl Wehrer to discuss student-administration issues (Joelle has detailed notes - contact her for more information)
    - Bernardine and Joelle will try to meet Suzanne and do a follow-up meeting with Cheryl.
  • Extra GSA funding:
    - Can we get extra funding from GSA for joint events with other departments?
    - This is currently being debated in GSA - may be possible in future, nothing decided yet.
  • What does our budget permit us to do?
    - Our budget is in good shape: we have ~$3500, expect ~$1200 from GSA in March (bi-annual contribution) and ~$5000 from RI in July (annual contribution)
    - We should try more pizza lunch, bagel brunch, brown-bag lunch with cookies - anyone should feel free to spontaneously organize one of these.
    - RoboOrg incentives: offer food during RoboOrg meetings to encourage participation.
    - Impoving the lounge: need to make a wish-list and take it to Cheryl (shared costs between RoboOrg and RI).
  • Suggestions for lounge improvement to put on wish-list to take to Cheryl:
    - DVD player, robot posters, Lego, coffee machine and good coffee (to encourage lounge use by faculty - suggested by C.Thorpe), air hockey, cheap soda machine, cabinet to lock-up DVd player
    - Since pool table may move into lounge at any time, there's no space for air hockey
    - There were concerns about keeping a coffee machine clean
    - There were concerns about increasing non RI traffic in lounge if we put in cheap sodea machine, and if we don't have that extra traffic the machine won't get used enough
    - There were concerns about if/how to regulate use of the DVD player (locked cabinet makes things less accessible to everyone, putting locks in the sliding doors may be sufficient, maybe put on a combination lock and give combination to RI students)
    - Will talk to Cheryl about the DVD player, Lego and robot posters for now, and ask her about what faculty/admin would like to see in lounge.
    - Will poll RI students for other suggestions.
  • Other issues:
    - Rosemary requested getting the PSR budget on-line (need to talk to Cheryl about that)
    - Suggestion to get class reps to inquire about concerns/issues in their class before RoboOrg meetings so that they can be discussed at the meeting.
    - Suggestion for having a paint ball event (perhaps a joint event with another school/departenmt)
    - Suggestion for having a tournament (Foosball or croquet) that will require student/faculty joint teams in order to encourage more interaction.
    - Ashley asked for comments/concerns for program committee meeting - the biggest concern seemed to be that there should be better communication about requirements to students.
  • Next meeting: ???

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