Minutes of RoboOrg Meeting - Jan.26 2001

Were in attendance: Bernardine Dias, Rosemary Emery, Joelle Pineau, Sarjoun Skaff, Ashley Stroupe, Paul Tompkins, Chris Urmson, Rob Zlot

Topics discussed:

  • Proposed new events - Sarjoun is coordinating:
    - RI Foosball tournament
    - Happy hour with other schools (first one with the Heinz school in February)
    - Movie night in RI lounge
  • Lounge improvement purchases - approved unanimously:
    - DVD player (~$200)
    - Lego blocks (~$50)
  • RoboOrg incentives - discussed various options to encourage participation and make RoboOrg a positive experience rather than a chore:
    - Incentive possibilities: tour queue credits, providing food for roboorg meetings, small thank-you gift.
    - Nothing decided, will be discussing further and welcome suggestions from RI students outside of RoboOrg.
  • Meetings with administration:
    - Arrange meetings to discuss student-related issues, and improve relations/communication between students and the administration.
    - Bernardine and Joelle will try to meet with Matt, Cheryl and Suzanne.
  • Next meeting: mid to late February

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