RoboOrg FAQ

This is what we put at the bottom of our emails:

+-+-+-+-+-+This event is brought to you in part by RoboOrg.+-+-+-+-+-+

Q: Who are you? What's RoboOrg?
A: RoboOrg is the Robotics Institute's graduate student organization.

Q: So are you behind all these "let's do stuff!" emails?
A: Yes. We organize periodic social activities such as Post-Seminar
Receptions, open house and IC events, RI Rafting, etc. We also come
up with random stuff like potlucks and games nights.

Q: That's it?
A: No, we are much more than a social committee. We are also your
representatives to GSA and the program committee and try to address
many of the issues facing robotics students.

Q: Wait, who put you in charge?
A: Most RoboOrg representatives are elected by RI grads each fall
and serve one calendar year. Some reps are promoted instead (vice-
RoboCzars to RoboCzars, for instance). Talk to a current rep if
you'd like to steal somebody's job.

Q: I have an idea. Want to hear it?
A: YES! email us at for activity ideas, 
suggestions, concerns, etc.

Q: Where can I get the skinny on RoboOrg?
A: Visit: for information about us,
activities, how-to's etc.