Facilities in RI

Student Statement - A blank framemaker template for the Black Monday student statement has been provided by Dave Wettergreen and is available from /afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/roboorg/www/.

Viewgraph Printers - slide1 and slide2 are color printers loaded with acetate for making transparencies. Slide1 is kept in CS operations on the 3rd floor of Wean hall. (WeH 3610 - Through the double glass doors past the coke machine.) The CS operator will let you in 24 hours a day. Slide2 is locked in the CS document room on the 5th floor of Wean (WeH 5215).

More printer information is available from SCS, including Special and interesting printers. FAX Machines - FAX machines are available from a number of secretaries. The primary machines are 268-5571 in Smith Hall (Debbie) and 268-6704 in Wean Hall (Patty). Patty's machine is only available during business hours while the VASC machine is publicly available in the 2nd floor Smith Hall common area.

Phones - Phones in student offices are billed to an RI overhead account. Personal toll calls from these phones of "significant cost" must be reimbursed. Toll calls related to a particular contract can be billed to that account by dialing 119, the account number (i.e. 1-5XXXX), followed by 9-1-[area code]-[number]. All other phones, including lab phones, are billed to a particular advisor's discretionary account. Most lab phones have all toll calls of any kind excluded.

Copycard - There is a robotics copycard in the E&S library that all robotics students are free to use for school-related copying. Ask for it at the front desk. You are required to give them your student ID card in exchange for the copycard's use. You must also remember how many copies you made.

University Stores - You can "purchase" (if you have an account number) various types of supplies from several campus locations. Physics Stores (7th floor, Wean) has electronic parts, chemistry supplies, batteries, cable, and several marvelous junk drawers. The Elab (3613, Wean) has ribbon cable, header connectors, and other electronic parts. The Tech. Store (Hammerschlag) has protoboards and a small array of electronic parts. General Stores (down the ramp under the Physical Plant building) has mechanical parts including pipe fittings and stuff. The Art Store (Student Center) has brass, copper, and balsa rods, tubes, and sheet stock in addition to the usual art supplies. (The Art Store is the only place that takes cash in addition to a charge number.)

Machine Shops - Most places are "for hire." The Physics Shop is in the basement of Dougherty, ME Shop is in Hammerschlag (4th floor Wean level), as is the ECE Shop (one floor up). Cost is typically $40 - 50 per hour. The FRC shop is the only place you have any chance of using the machines yourself if you are experienced. Contact Jim Martin for access.

University Travel - According to Sandy, the following travel agencies accept travel reservations by e-mail:

     University Travel = uts@telerama.im.cim
     American Express (thru SEI) = tlb@sei.cmu.edu
Gateway Travel is in the process of updating their computers and should have an email address by summer 1995. Forbes, People's and World Wise Travel do not have computer addresses.

Japan Budget Travel in NYC (212) 686-8855 has cheap flights to Japan. Also, ask about airlines with student rates. Occassionally, airlines offer special discounts to full time students (usually at the beginning and end of the school year).

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