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Additional Major Curriculum
    RequirementsChoose 10 courses (total, at least one in each requirement) from among
    Overview / Introductory16-311 Introduction to Robotics
    Controls18-370 Fundamentals of Control
    24-451 Feedback Control Systems
    16-299 Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
    Upper-level RI XX-XXXXX course with instructor permission
    Kinematics16-384 Kinematics and Dynamics
    24-355 Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms (not offered regularly)
    Upper-level RI XX-XXXXX course with instructor permission
    Machine Perception15-385: Computer Vision
    15-463 (15-862): Computational Photography
    16-421: Vision Sensors
    85-370: Perception
    Upper-level RI XX-XXXXX course with instructor permission
    Cognition and Reasoning10-601: Undergraduate Machine Learning
    11-344: Machine Learning in Practice
    15-381: Artificial Intelligence
    15-494: Cognitive Robotics
    Upper-level RI planning course with instructor permission
    "Hands-on Course"15-491: CMRobotBits: Creating Intelligent Robots
    16-362: Mobile Robot Programming Lab
    18-578: Mechatronics
    Upper-level RI project course like 16-861 or 16-865 Independent study with instructor permission
    Two ElectivesSee list with minor or any upper level RI course. Any of these can be independent study but only one independent study is allowed. A student can also take additional courses from the core; e.g., a student who takes 15-385 as a core can take 16-421 as an elective.
    Systems EngineeringTo be developed
    Capstone CourseTo be developed