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MRSD Company Internships
The companies that have so far signed on to interview MRSD students for a potential and voluntary (not required, but highly recommended) internship for the summer are listed below. Note that we are continually expanding this list of companies and areas of activity. We are endeavoring to ensure that students are successful in obtaining an internship, should they choose to exercise the option of an internship during the summer between their 2nd (Spring) and 3rd (Fall) semesters.

CategoryCompany NameLocationType of WorkPublic Info
Military & DefenseQNA - TSG (QNA) website
QNA Foster-MillerBoston, MATalon, Controllers, Productionwebsite
QNA AutomatikaPittsburgh, PADragonRunner, Robotics R&D, Production (small-scale)website
Hydroid, Inc.Pocasset, MAUnderwater Autonomous Robotswebsite
Insitu, Inc.Bingen, WAUAVS and payloads (for UAVs)website
Lockheed Martin (LM) website
LM Perceptek, Inc.Littleton, COUGVs & Perception & Autonomywebsite
LM Adv. Tech. CenterPalo Alto, CASpace/Rovers, Navigation/Dynamics & Controlwebsite
LM Underwater SystemsRiviera Beach, FLAutonomous UnderWater Vehicle Systemswebsite
re2, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAManipulator & Endeffector Systems and Manipulation Autonomywebsite
5D Robotics Inc.Carlsbad, CASoftware products to enhance human productivity and safety in dynamic environmentswebsite
AeroVironmentMonrovia, CAAerial robotswebsite
Boston DynamicsWaltham, MAR&D in extreme mobility & autonomy for rough terrain and simulation for training & designwebsite
GDRSWestminster, MDMilitary ground vehicles, ANSwebsite
General Atomics ASIPoway, CAUAV (Predator) & Payload(s)website
Humanistic Robotics, Inc.Philadelphia, PARobotic demining systemswebsite
iRobotBedford, MAMilitary platforms, robot autonomy, and commercial home robotswebsite
Kairos AutonomiSandy, UTVehicle-automation and fleet-autonomy using applique-kits and software productswebsite
L-3 Communications CorporationlocationsCommand, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms, and government
The MITRE CorporationBedford, MA & McLean, VA & many other US sitesExpertise in systems engineering, information technology, operational concepts, and enterprise modernization to address our sponsors' critical needs

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)Pittsburgh, PABroad suite of robotic technologies and systemswebsite
Neya Systems, LLCWexford, PAUnmanned systems technology specializing in semi-autonomy, interoperability, and perceptionwebsite
ReconRobotics, Inc.Edina, MNMini-UGVs for reconnaissance (ReconScout)website
Robotic Research, LLCGaithersburg, MDUGV/USV autonomy software for unmanned systemswebsite
Scientific Systems Co., Inc.Woburn, MAAutonomy, sensor processing, and vision-based systems for UxVswebsite
Stratom, Inc.Boulder, COR&D in robotics, unmanned vehicles, sensing and software systemswebsite
TORC RoboticsBlacksburg, VAAutonomy for UGVswebsite
United Technologies Research CenterE. Hartford, CT & Berkeley, CA & Shanghai, CNUAV & helicopter systems for autonomous operationswebsite
WINTEC, Inc.Shalimar, FLSystems and software engineering for military applications: manned / unmanned aircraft, weapons / sensors integration & ground robotics systemswebsite
WM Robots, LLCColmar, PARobots, accessories, & mine detection equipmentwebsite
Industrial & AutomationABB RoboticsAuburn Hills, MIManipulator planning & control, endeffectors, industrial automation systems & installationswebsite
Acutronic USA Inc.Pittsburgh, PAPrecision motion simulators for space, consumer, automobile and defense marketswebsite
Adept RoboticsPleasanton, CAIntelligent vision-guided robotics (arms, vehicles, controls, vision products, and software) systems and serviceswebsite
AirphrameSan Francisco, CAAerial Data Capture & analysiswebsite
Apple USACupertino, CAIndustrial Process Automation for Manufacturing of Apple-Products in the USwebsite
CimationHouston, TX & othersCustom automation and enterprise systems for the oil & gas industrywebsite
Energid Technologies & Robai CorporationCambridge, MAProducts and Services for advanced robotic, machine-vision and simulation systemsEnergid website
Robai website
FANUC RoboticsRochester Hills, MIManipulator hardware systems, controllers, interfaces & software for factory automationwebsite
FESTOHauppauge, NY & Chicago, IL & Livermore, CA & Troy, MI & Greenville, WIPneumatics / electrical automation / robotics actuators, controllers and integrated systemswebsite
Fraunhofer - IPA
Institute for Manufacturing, Engineering, and Automation
Stuttgart, DEIndustrial / Service robot applications, Industrial ROS, Autonomous Vehicle, Home / Elderly Care Automationwebsite
Rethink Robotics (formerly Heartland Robotics)Boston, MAStealth next-generation industrial automation / manufacturingwebsite
HiTech Robotic SystemzChennai, Pune, INIndustrial automation, UGVs and remote control systemswebsite
HolTec InternationalJupiter, FL & Marlton, NJRemote robotic handling and processing of nuclear materialswebsite
Industrial Scientific CorporationPittsburgh, PA & Shanghai, CN & Dortmund, DE & Arras, FRManufacturing automation, electronic instrumentation, micro-manufacturing, workplace safety start-upwebsite
Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.Wixom, MIManipulator hardware systems, controllers, interfaces & software for factory automationwebsite
Kiva Systems
(an Amazon company)
North Reading, MAMobile robots, warehousing automationwebsite
KUKA A.G. website
KUKA Roboter GmbHAugsburg, DEDevelops, manufactures and sells industrial robots (and small robot-based production cells)website
KUKA Laboratories GmbHAugsburg, DEDevelops production assistants (compliant/sensitive lightweight robots, omnidirectional mobile manipulators) and medical robotswebsite
KUKA LocomotecStuttgart, DEDevelops educational indoor mobile manipulator platforms and software systemswebsite
KUKA YouBotStuttgart, DEDevelops educational indoor mobile manipulator platforms and software systemswebsite
KUKA RoboticsClinton, MIDevelops industrial manipulator and workcell systems for US customer basewebsite
Oceaneering International, Inc.Houston, TXUnderwater ROVs and manipulatorswebsite
Opex Corp.Moorestown, NJHigh-speed mailroom automation, document imaging, and material handlingwebsite
Parker Hannafin Corp.Rohnert Park, CA & Irwin, PAElectromechanical Automation Division (drives, controllers, rotary / linear actuators, etc.)website
QbotixMenlo Park, CASolar Panel Pointing Automation Systemswebsite
Quantapoint, Inc.Houston, TX; Canonsburg, PA; Newport Beach, CA & EuropeAs-built digital 3D imaging and modeling to improve decision-making, capital efficiency and safety in the design, construction, management and upgrading of facility assetswebsite
RobotiqSt. Nicholas, Quebec, CANADAMulti-fingered endeffectors and teach-playback software toolswebsite
Schilling Robotics, LLCDavis, CA + othersUnderwater ROVs and manipulatorswebsite
SeegridPittsburgh, PAAutomated warehousing AGVs, incl. software, sensing and intelligencewebsite
Sepro America, LLCWarrendale, PAIndustrial automation and robotics for the manufacturing industrywebsite
Wynright Intralogistics Corp.Arlington, TXMaterial Handling Automation - Parcel Distribution Systems - Trailer (Un)Loadingwebsite
Yaskawa America, Inc.Miamisburg, OHManipulator hardware systems, controllers, interfaces & software for factory automationwebsite
AgricultureHarvest Automation, Inc.North Billerica, MANursery and agricultural automation platforms, sensing, software, navigation & controlwebsite
John DeerePittsburgh, PA (NREC) and / or Cary, NCNavigation and outddor vehicle positioning, navigation and controlwebsite
TransportationAnsaldo STSPittsburgh, PASignaling and train control systems for onboard / rail-side / dispatch (hardware, electronics and software)website
Boeing (R&D & Product Development)St. Louis, MOPlatforms for Commercial & Military Applicationswebsite
Boeing (Aerial & Ground)Seattle, WAPlatforms for Commercial & Military Applicationswebsite
Peloton TechMenlo Park, CASensing, control and automation systems for over-the-road truck peloton followingwebsite
RedZone RoboticsPittsburgh, PASelf-mobile platforms and robotic platforms used for wastewater pipe inspectionwebsite
Robert Bosch LLC RTCPalo Alto, CA & Pittsburgh, PA & Cambridge, MAElectro-mechanical and software systems for transportation, medical and other applicationswebsite
Segway RoboticsGreater Boston, MASelf-mobile platforms and robotic platforms based on the SegWay corewebsite
Takata IndustriesGibsonia, PA & Detroit, MIMotor vehicle seat belts, airbags, steering wheels, interior trims, & child restraint systemwebsite
TE ConnectivityMiddletown, PADesign & Manufacturing of 500,000 high-tech products that connect and protect the flow of data and power inside consumer & industry brandswebsite
Tesla MotorsPalo Alto, CAFully-electric automobiles with future autonomy self-driving capabilitieswebsite
Uber ATCPittsburgh, PADevelopment of autonomy technologies for autonomous taxi transportation serviceswebsite
Volkswagen Electronics Research LaboratoryBelmon, CA (South of SanFran)Vehicle sensing, control and autonomywebsite
Mining & ConstructionCaterpillar Inc.Pittsburgh, PA (R&D Office)Mining & construction vehicle sensing, perception, cognition, planning, navigation & controlwebsite
Autonomous Solutions, Inc.Petersboro, UTMining & military vehicle sensing, perception, cognition, planning, navigation & controlwebsite
Carnegie Robotics, LLCPittsburgh, PA (CMU Startup)CMU - NREC technology commercializationwebsite
MedicalAethon, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAMobile platform navigation & control for medical installations,
Biom/iWalkCambridge, MAPersonal Bionic Limbswebsite
Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAMedical imaging, navigation and surgery deviceswebsite
Cyberdyne TechnologyTsukuba, JP & Seattle, WAHAL 5 robotic exoskeleton suitwebsite
Ekso BionicsBerkeley, CAExoskeleton systems for rehabilitationwebsite
HDT Robotics, Inc. (HDT Global)Fredericksburg, VAProsthetic and manipulator arm systems and military mobility platformswebsite
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.Sunnyvale, CAMedical surgery - devices, imaging, control,
StrykerMahwah, NJ & Ft. Lauderdale, FLMedical devices including robotic arm for knee and hip replacement for orthopaedic assisted surgerieswebsite
MEDRADPittsburgh, PAMedical imaging and interventional deviceswebsite
Medrobotics Corporation (formerly Cardiorobotics)Boston, MAMinimally invasive highly-articulated surgery-tools for cardiac surgerywebsite
Vecna, Inc.Cambridge, MAMedical hospital care robotics & battlefield medical extraction systemswebsite
VGo Communications, Inc.Nashua, NHMedical communication device (VGo-Avatar) for remote medical-professional and patient interactionwebsite
ExplorationAstrobotic Technology, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAPlanetary rover & lunar imaging commercializationwebsite
Blue OriginKent, WAA commercial spaceflight company that is developing technologies to enable human access to space at dramatically lower cost and increased reliabilitywebsite
CosmogiaSan Francisco, CACommercial remote sensing company developing & operating cubesat-class spacecraft to provide imagery for applications that range from deforestation monitoring to land use to food securitywebsite
Honeybee RoboticsNew York, NYSpacecraft mechanismswebsite
Iridium Communications Inc.McLean, VASatellite electronics and communicationswebsite
Liquid Robotics, Inc.Sunnyvale, CAOceanographic autonomous sampling self-mobile surface buoys / ROVswebsite
Moon Express Inc.Moffett Field, CASpace exploration planetary robotics - landers & hopperswebsite
NASA - AmesMountain View (Moffett Field), CAField robotics, free-flying space robots, planetary rovers, autonomy, human-robot interaction, and planetary mappingwebsite
NASA - JPLLos Angeles, CAPlanetary rovers & autonomy & perception sensingwebsite
NASA - JSCHouston, TXPlanetary rovers & autonomy & perception sensing

SeaBotix, Inc.San Diego, CAUnderwater ROVs for search and rescue and explorationwebsite
Space Exploration Technologies Corp.(SpaceX)Hawthorne, CADevelopment of low-cost commercial launch vehicles, avionics, control, guidance,
ConsumerBossa Nova Concepts, LLCPittsburgh, PAToys, controllers, embedded electronics, software behaviorswebsite
Evolution Robotics, Inc.Pasadena, CAConsumer vacuum cleaner using vision-based SLAM & indoor visual-beacon navigationwebsite
FormLabs Inc.Somerville, MAMIT startup redeveloping the professional-quality 3D desktop printerwebsite
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.Coopersburg, PALighting control systems for rooms and buildingswebsite
Neato RoboticsMountain View, CAConsumer vacuum cleaner using laser-based SLAMwebsite
Nest LabsPalo Alto, CAIntelligent web-enabled learning thermostat (electronics to support machine learning)website
Romotive, Inc.Las Vegas, NVSmartphone-based (Apple, Android) consumer robot systemswebsite
Thorley Industries, LLC (also known as ‘4moms’)Pittsburgh, PAConsumer articles involving high-tech elements (actuation, sensing, software, etc.)website
Willow Garage, Inc.Menlo Park, CAROS - open source software & OS for roboticswebsite
InternetMobile Fusion Inc.Pittsburgh, PAData mining and analysiswebsite
Ruckus WirelessSunnyvale, CAInternet Hardware & Software systems for large customer installationswebsite
Education & EntertainmentAirDogPalo Alto, CAAuto-follow quadcopter drone for GoPro Camerawebsite
Aldebaran RoboticsParis (HQ) & Los Angeles, CA & Boston, MAHumanoid robotics developers (NAO robot product) for education marketswebsite
AnkiSan Francisco, CASelf-aware and position-sensitive robotics & AI sensor-based software for consumer & entertainment products
(2010 CMU Startup)
Bot & DollySan Francisco, CADevelopers of computer-controlled robot platforms & software for artistic & film-making industrieswebsite
Disney ImagineeringGlendale & Burbank, CADevelopers of interactive robots, ride engineering, animatronics,
InterbotsPittsburgh, PADevelopers of Animatronics and toys, particularly used for child learningwebsite
ModRoboticsBoulder, CODevelopers of Cubelets, a modular educational and entertainment system for childrenwebsite
Oculus (Facebook)Irvine, CADeveloper of immersive reality Heads-up display (Oculus Rift)website
SproutelProvidence, RIPersonal Robotics: Interactive children's tutoring toyswebsite
Engineering & ResearchAnthroTronix, Inc.Silver Spring, MDEngineering research and development targeting interaction between people and technology from advanced interface development to an instrumented glove for medical rehabilitationwebsite
Boston EngineeringBoston, MAOutsourced engineering services from product development to information systems to engineering consultingwebsite
Carnegie Mellon University - Robotics InstitutePittsburgh, PARobotics R & D projects sponsored by industrial and / or government entitieswebsite
Carnegie Mellon University - National Robotics Engineering CenterPittsburgh, PARobotics R & D projects sponsored by industrial and / or government entities - from concept through commercializationwebsite
Clearpath Robotics Inc.Kichener, Ontario, CANDevelopment of unmanned vehicles for research and development. Robot platforms are built for rapid prototyping to let innovators push research further, faster. Automate the world's dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs is their
DeepLocalPittsburgh, PA & Venice, CAInvention and prototyping engineering contracting projectswebsite
Discovery RoboticsPittsburgh, PAIncreasing human productivity, safety and quality of life by creating robotic solutions that deliver value to our customerswebsite
Google Pittsburgh & Google XPittsburgh, PA & Mountain View, CAGoogle Research Lab for Robotics & machine Learningwebsite
Identified TechnologiesPittsburgh, PADevelopment of UAV hardware and aerial inspection software for energy, agriculture and infrastructure monitoring and
Intelligent Automation, Inc.Rockville, MDGovernment and industry think-tanks in domains from distributed intelligent systems, sensors, signal processing, robotics, manufacturing, forensics, and transportation to education, training, and information technologieswebsite
Meka Robotics LLCSan Francisco, CAHumanoid robotic rystem platforms (head, torso, arms, base) for R&Dwebsite
nanoGriptech, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAProduce synthetic gecko-inspired microfiber adhesives capable of satisfying a wide range of our customers' applicationswebsite
Near Earth AutonomyPittsburgh, PADevelopment of autonomous assist hardware and software for manned & unmanned helicopters and UAVswebsite
PieceMaker Technologies Inc.Pittsburgh, PA"Factory-in-a-Store" process and hardware to deliver customized product on-site in existing retail storeswebsite
ProtoInnovations LLCPittsburgh, PADevelopment of custom special-purpose mobile robot platformswebsite
Qualcomm Research & DevelopmentSan Diego, CAEnabling mobile robotics through core technologies such as computer vision, sensors, machine learning, navigation and wireless
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Quantum SignalSaline, MIProducts and technologies using algorithms / software in the areas of forensics and biometrics, robotics, video analytics, and simulationwebsite
Rapid TPC, LLCPittsburgh, PADeveloping a platform technology for the manufacturing of composite partswebsite
SAICMcLean, VARobotics and Automation related commercial & government contract development

Schlumberger Ltd.Cambridge, MA & othersEngineering R & D for product and service solutions to the oil & gas E & P energy sectorwebsite
Soar Technology, Inc.Ann Arbor, MI & Oviedo, FLIntelligent systems for defense, government and commercial applications that emulate human decision makingwebsite
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)San Antonio, TX & Boulder, CO & Oklahoma City, OKRobotics, automation & intelligent systems commercial & government contract development projects

SRI InternationalMenlo Park, CA & Arlington, VA & Princeton, NJBasic and applied research, laboratory and advisory services, technology development and licenses, deployable systems, products, and venture opportunitieswebsite
Toyon Research CorporationGoleta, CATechnology development and defense systems analysiswebsite
Vishwa RoboticsArlington, MAVishwa Robotics will be offering several new cost effective robotics products that will significantly improve performance of state of the art robotics in renewable energy, health care, automation, defense and
Service IndustryBistroBot, Inc.Pittsburgh, PACMU Startup developing Automated Food Service Systemswebsite
SaviokeSunnyvale, CA Delivery robot SaviOne for the services industry website

Students will be responsible for their own negotiations and legal arrangements with their eventual internship-company, with foreign students also having to ensure their immigration paperwork is obtained in time for their CPT/OPT allowance. The MRSD program is not guaranteeing an internship for each student, but rather facilitating the process, as the internship is optional and voluntary. Students are free to suggest internships with alternate companies, including foreign subsidiaries, but they will require authorization from the MRSD Program Office & Director to ensure proper scope and internship relevance to the MRSD teaching goals.