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MRSD Program Tuition
  • The program's total tuition amount for 16 months for the 2014 session (Fall 2014 through Fall 2015) is projected to be a total of $72,000.- (excl. fees).
  • The three academic semesters (Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Fall 2015) tuition is set at $24,000 for each semester. There is no tuition charged for the optional internship/practicum period (Summer 2015).
  • Fee amounts have not yet been determined, but will be identical to those published by the university.
  • NOTE that the above tuition amount covers the multiple core-/project-/business-courses and five (5) technical/business electives required to complete the MRSD program.
  • Students enrolling for courses outside of the full-time MRSD curriculum during any semester (Fall, Spring & Summer) will incur additional tuition charges. Students choosing to take courses beyond the requirements for MRSD will be responsible for the MRSD tuition in addition to per-unit charges.
  • The current (2014 session) charge for MRSD students taking courses beyond the required curriculum is $667 per unit, regardless of where the course is being offered (department, school, college, etc.). Hence a 9 or 12-credit course would cost a student an additional $6,003 or $8,004.
  • Students are required to obtain written permission from the MRSD Program Director to enroll in any additional courses beyond those required by the MRSD program, prior to enrolling/signing-up.
  • Students should contact The Hub to learn more about Graduate Student Financial Aid