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Faculty with Medically Related Research Interests

Students in the MD/PhD program are advised by a faculty member within the Robotics Institute. Below is a list of RI faculty with medically related research interests.

Chris Atkeson Assistive environments, human & robot legged locomotion.
Anthony Di Gioia Image guided intervention for orthopedic surgery, HipNav.
Gary Fedder MEMS technology, including ultrasonic transducer arrays.
Martial Hebert Image analysis & computer vision.
Ralph Hollis Haptics, teleoperation, devices for the blind.
Branislav Jaramaz Computer assisted surgery, medical planning, simulation & analysis.
Takeo Kanade Computer vision & image understanding.
Yanxi Liu Image analysis applied to neuroradiology.
Andrew Moore Data mining & machine learning from medical records for disease surveillance.
Jack Mostow Speech technologies, cognitive & motivational psychology, HCI.
Cameron Riviere Tissue engineering, MEMS sensors, computer-aided surgery.
Metin Sitti Surgical micro-robots, endocsopic micro-capsules, & bio-nanotechnology.
George Stetten Sonic flashlight, image gudied intervention, medical image analysis.
David Touretzky Computational neuroscience; hippocampal modeling; animal learning models.
Howard Wactlar Automated functional and behavioral analysis in long-term care (with WPIC).
Lee Weiss Tissue engineering, MEMS sensors, computer-aided surgery.