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    We are officially launching the new RoboGuide today. The url is If you have bookmarks to parts of the old RoboGuide, please update them. We will keep the old RoboGuide available for a short time. During this time, please check the new RoboGuide pages that you use frequently to make sure that you are happy with them. The formatting and content should be nearly identical to the old site.

    An insider's guide to functions, operations, and procedures within the Robotics Institute.

    • Administrative
        This section includes a list of the institute staff, the faculty they support, and other services they provide. There is also a list of the Robotics Institute webstaff and their responsibilities.
    Facilities & Services
    • Facilities & Services
        A summary of facilities including computing facilities, the Robotics Institute machine shop, copiers and a list of available conference rooms. The copier code request form is found here.
    Financial & Accounting
    • Financial & Accounting
        This section provides financial and accounting information specific to the Robotics Institute. The Faculty Resource Allocation System (FRAS) and graduate student tuition and stipend, among other items, are included here.
    Human Resources
    Policies & Procedures