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Academic Programs

The Robotics Institute and Carnegie Mellon offer many robotics related academic programs for students of all ages - from kindergarten through doctoral studies.

  • PhD Programs

  • Masters Programs
    • Master of Science (MS)

      A two year masters program that teaches the fundamentals of robotics theory and practice through coursework and independent research.

    • Master of Science - Robotic Systems Development (MRSD)

      An advanced graduate degree with a combined technical/business focus for recent-graduates/practicing-professionals engaged in, or wishing to enter, the robotics and automation field as practitioners in the commercial sector.

    • Fifth Year Masters

      A special masters program that enables Carnegie Mellon undergraduates to complete a masters degree in their fifth year.

    • Master of Science - Robotics Technology (MS-RT)

      A two year collaborative international program that teaches future technology entrepreneurs the foundations of robotics, software engineering, and management.

  • Undergraduate Programs
    • Additional Major

      The new Robotics Additional Major is for those undergraduates who want an in-depth understanding of Robotics Engineering and Science.

    • Undergraduate Minor

      An undergraduate program that teaches the principles and practice of robotics through theoretical studies and hands-on experience with robots.

    • Fifth Year Masters

      A special Masters program that enables Carnegie Mellon undergraduates to complete a masters degree in their fifth year.

  • Kindergarten through 12th Grade (K-12) Programs
    • Robotics Academy

      Using robotics to inspire and excite students to pursue math and science related careers, this curriculum is used in over 8,000 schools worldwide.

    • Andrew's Leap

      A summer program run by CMU's School of Computer Science. It includes sessions on programming and robotics.

    • C-MITES

      The Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary Students (C-MITES) offers Summer programs for gifted students. Many courses are offered, including one in robotics.

  • Girls of Steel

    The Girls of Steel is an all-girls FIRST Robotics Competition team hosted at and mentored by RI's Field Robotics Center. It is composed of approximately 40 girls from about 20 high schools in the Pittsburgh region.