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Personnel count is 18

  Name Title Email Address
Luis Valle Rhor MS Student / Research Associate I, RI
J Michael Vandeweghe Lead Robotics Engineer, RI
Francisco Vicente Carrasco Scientific Specialist, RI
Srinivasan Vijayarangan MS Student / Senior Research Programmer / Analyst, RI
Lekha Walajapet Mohan Extern, RI
Donghan Wang Senior Research Programmer / Analyst, RI
Jinhang Wang Research Associate III, RI
James Ryan Warner Senior Electrical Engineer, RI
Anthony T. Wertz Research Programmer/Analyst, RI
Julian Whitman Graduate Student Researcher, RI/MechE
Molly Whittaker Undergraduate Research Assistant, RI/CEE
Chuck Whittaker Field Robotics Specialist, RI
Jackson Wirekoh Graduate Student Researcher, RI/MechE
Ky Woodard Graduate Student Researcher, RI/MechE
Alexander G. Woodring Publicity and Marketing Manager, RI
Anne Wright Director of Operations, Bodytrack, RI
Shanshan Xie Undergraduate Research Assistant, RI/Physics
Shumian Xin Extern, RI/ECE