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The Robotics Institute is a worldwide hub of robotics research that encompasses a diverse array of topics. While much of our work focuses on core robotics technologies like manipulation, locomotion, and control, we also focus on related research areas, including machine learning, computer vision, and graphics.

This web site organizes the Institute's research at three different, progressively more general levels: projects, labs and groups, and centers and consortia. A project is a single body of work on a specific topic or a set of related topics. Labs and groups involve multiple people working together on a set of projects, often with a related theme.

Typically, Labs are associated with a physical location, while groups may not have a shared workspace. Centers and consortia involve multiple labs, groups, and individual researchers who are working toward a common general theme, such as Medical Robotics. A center generally consists of researchers primarily from within the Robotics Institute, while a consortium is a collaboration with researchers at other institutions.

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The Intelligent Workcell
This project is studying methods for augmenting industrial workcells with sensors and feedback mechanisms to enable workers and robots to operate safely in the same environment.
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