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Multimodal Diaries
Head: Fernando De la Torre Frade
Contact: Fernando De la Torre Frade
Mailing address:
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
211 Smith Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Associated center(s) / consortia:
 Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC)
Associated lab(s) / group(s):
 Component Analysis
In this project, we propose a system that summarizes a user's daily activity (e.g. sleeping, eating, working on a pc) from multimodal data (audio, video, body sensors, ...). The system combines both the physical and contextual awareness of hardware and software to record synchronized audio-visual, body sensing, global position information and computer monitoring data. A key component of our system is a semi-supervised temporal clustering algorithm that efficiently and accurately groups large amounts of multimodal data by activity. The system has a wide variety of applications to time management, self-knowledge and human computer interaction systems in general.