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Head: Hagen Schempf
Contact: Hagen Schempf
Mailing address:
National Robotics Engineering Consortium
Ten 40th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Project Homepage
The ExplorerTM project teams the NREC with the New York Gas Group (NYGAS), NASA and the Department of Energy in a three phase program to produce a teleoperated long-range untethered video-inspection of live distribution gas-mains.


  • 'Live' pipeline long-range visual inspection for corrosion, leakage and debris in one access
  • Preventive maintenance and job-planning system for urban distribution lines
  • Potential to reduce costly annual emergency leakage repairs in highly populated metropolitan & urban areas
  • Large potential for repair-cost reduction through proper repair-method selection based on visual inspection applicable to many emergency repairs nationwide
ExplorerTM will have the following advantages over existing gas-main inspection systems:
  • Travels longer distances from one access without interrupting service
  • Can pass through straight and elbowed pipe
  • Automotive in both 6" and 8" gas-mains.
  • Relatively quick to deploy
  • Untethered