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This project is no longer active.
Head: Greg Armstrong
Contact: Reid Simmons
Mailing address:
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Associated center(s) / consortia:
 Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC)
 Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT)
Associated lab(s) / group(s):
 Reliable Autonomous Systems Lab
 Human-Robot Interaction Group
The Grace project is a collaboration among several schools and research labs to design a robot capable of fully performing the AAAI Grand Challenge. The group includes students, faculty, and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the Naval Research Laboratory, Metrica Inc., Northwestern University, and Swarthmore College. GRACE has participated in the 2002 and 2003 challenge to date.

At CMU, Grace serves as VIKIA's sucessor as a platform for the social robots project.