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Space Robotics Initiative (SRI)
This center is no longer active.
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
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Autonomous Rover Technologies
Pursuing breakthroughs and insights into fundamental aspects of robot perception, navigation, position estimation, and integrated exploratory science from a robot.
Distributed Robot Architectures
The primary objective of this project is to develop fundamental capabilities that enable multiple, distributed, heterogeneous robots to coordinate tasks that cannot be accomplished by the robots individually.
Lunar Ice Discovery Initiative
Icebreaker is a proposed mission to explore the south pole of the Moon.
Mars Autonomy
Long-distance marsrover navigation with minimal human intervention.
Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search
Developing robots to search for meteorites in Antarctica, as an analog of a planetary exploration robot.
Skyworker is an assembly, inspection, and maintenance robot that will softly and autonomously transport and manipulate payloads of kilograms to tons over kilometer distances.
Solar Blade Solar Sail
CMU is embarking on an effort to fly the first solar sail, a spacecraft that utilizes solar radiation pressure as its only means of propulsion and attitude control.