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Center for Integrated Manfacturing Decision Systems (CIMDS)
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Past Projects [Current Projects]
AMC Barrelmaster Scheduling
Integrated management of airlift and tanker missions at the USAF Air Mobility Command.
Activelets: Web-Based Planning and Scheduling Services
We are developing planning, scheduling and user interface components that enable real-time collaborative planning and scheduling by mobile decision agents.
Agent Transaction Language for Advertising Services
A DAML-based language for advertising and locating agents, ontologies, and other Web entities.
Generation of coordinated multimedia (natural language and information graphics) explanations from large and complex data sets.
Autonomous NonDestructive Inspector
Eddy current inspection of aircraft, precursor to CIMP
Backgage Hardware
Barrier-Based Stereoscopic Image Display System
variations on time-multiplexed parallax panoramagrams
Case based scheduling.
Concurrent Engineering
CORTES is an integrated framework for production planning, scheduling and control (PSC). CORTES uses Constrained Heuristic Search to make PSC decisions.
Case-based Design Tool
Case-based design using influence graphs.
Computer-Assisted Seating System
investigate the relationship between seating surface shape and soft tissue distortion using direct measurements
Coordinated Reactive Agents
Problem solving through Coordinated Reactive Agents.
Crown Inspection Mobile Platform
Remote enhanced stereo visual inspection of aircraft
We are developing DAML as part of the Semantic Web initiative.
Dirk's "J" Toolkit
Custom JAVA toolkit, user-interface for DITOPS/OZONE
Distributed Coordination of Resources
This project is investigating the issues associated with multi-agent resource coordination.
Dynamics of Complex Engineered Societies
in this project, researchers deal with scaling of the evolutionary search
Enterprise Integration for Global Manufacture for the 21st Century
An industrial project aimed at creating the new processes and technologies for managing and operating global manufacturing businesses in the dynamic market environment of the 21st century.
Generating Explanatory Captions for Information Graphics
HSTS Space Observatory Scheduler
HSTS has been developed and applied principally in the context of space-based observatory scheduling problems.
Headlamp Light Distribution Mapping
headlamp light distribution project for General Motors
Integrated Planning and Scheduling
We are investigating the development of techniques for tighter integration of planning and scheduling processes.
Integrated Process Planning/Production Scheduling
A blackboard-based agent architecture for supporting mixed-initiative decision-making and integration functionalities.
Integrating Intelligent Assistants into Human Teams (Joccasta)
A multi-disciplinary research project designed to increase the effectiveness of team decision making in joint planning tasks.
Intelligent Combinatorial Optimization
We are developing adaptive mechanisms to speed up Simulated Annealing search.
Intelligent Frame Buffer
A ring of networked computers, each of which has the ability to write to the same screen in real time.
Interoperability of Future Information Systems
We are developing techniques to help users diagnose and remedy network interoperability problems.
Micro-Opportunistic Scheduling
Work involving Micro-Boss: a dynamic finite capacity scheduling tool for supporting efficient just-in-time operation in complex manufacturing environments subject to rapidly changing conditions.
A software environment for route planning and team coordination.
Nesting Project
Configurable/mixed-initiative scheduling systems
Object Systems for Knowledge Representation
We have developed object systems that help us use frame-like features in our software.
A framework for intelligent computer-supported conflict resolution through negotiation/mediation.
Planning and Coordination in Virtual Extended Enterprises
A blackboard-based agent architecture for supporting flexible multi-level lateral and vertical planning and coordination functionalities across extended and virtual enterprises.
RETSINA Configuration Manager
We present the RETSINA Configuration Manager, RECoMa, which uses agent infrastructure to assist the multi-agent system administrator in allocating, launching, and monitoring a heterogeneous distributed agent system.
Reflective Agents with Distributed Adaptive Reasoning
The focus of the RADAR project is to build a cognitive assistant that embodies machine learning technology that is able to function without requiring expert tuning or specially trained users.
Scheduling and Visualization
This project is investigating the development of next-generation environments for collaborative analysis and management of large-scale schedules.
Selective Dynamic Manipulation
A paradigm for interacting with visualizations that is based on the notion of physicalization, which uses the metaphor of creating ""physical"" objects to represent abstract data objects
Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
The development of tools and techniques that enable modeling and analysis of emerging supply chain management strategies and practices.
System for Automated Graphics and Explanation
Mixed-initiative presentation system that supports visualization creation
Satellite visibility forecaster
Three Camera Video & Synthesis
create high-definition stereoscopic images from one high-resolution color camera and two low-resolution monochrome cameras
Vehicle Sound Pattern Recognition
Vehicular and "tap test" sound recognition
Prototype software environment for exploring and visualizing large amounts of diverse information
Visual Query Environment
VQE provides direct-manipulation database queries for operating on many objects at once.
Integration of Case-based and Model-based design