Carnegie Mellon University
Automated student assessment in language tutors

Joseph E. Beck and J. Sison
CALICO, June, 2004.

The Reading Tutor is a computer tutor that uses Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to listen to children read aloud and helps them learn how to read. The research reported here uses ASR output to predict students' GORT fluency posttest scores. Using a linear regression model, we achieved correlations of over.80 for predicting first through fourth graders' performance. Our model's predictive ability is on par with standard public school reading assessment measures. This work contributes to a better understanding of automated student assessment in language tutors and introduces methods for accounting for noisy ASR output.

Associated Lab(s) / Group(s): Project LISTEN
Associated Project(s): Project LISTEN\'s Reading Tutor

Text Reference
Joseph E. Beck and J. Sison, "Automated student assessment in language tutors," CALICO, June, 2004.

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