Carnegie Mellon University
Reading and Pronunciation Tutor

Jack Mostow and Gregory Aist
United States Patent No. 5,920,838, July, 1999

A computer implemented reading tutor comprises a player for outputting a response. An input block implementing a plurality of functions such as silence detection, speech recognition, etc. captures the read material. A tutoring function compares the output of the speech recognizer to the text which was supposed to have been read and generates a response, as needed, based on information in a knowledge base and an optional student model. The response is output to the user through the player. A quality control function evaluates the captured read material and stores the captured material in the knowledge base under certain conditions. An auto-enhancement function uses information available to the tutor to create additional resources such as identifying rhyming words, words with common roots, etc., which can be used as responses.

Associated Lab(s) / Group(s): Project LISTEN
Associated Project(s): Project LISTEN\'s Reading Tutor

Text Reference
Jack Mostow and Gregory Aist, "Reading and Pronunciation Tutor," United States Patent No. 5,920,838, July, 1999

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