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Yoky Matsuoka
Adjunct Faculty, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
Anatomically Correct Testbed (ACT) Hand
We are building a dynamic model of the human hand that is anatomically correct.
Feedback Distortion for Rehabilitation
We are developing a virtual environment with a robotic device to extend the strength and mobility of people recovering from strokes.
Hand Exoskeleton
We are developing an exoskeletal hand for patients suffering from a loss of precise control in the upper limbs and hands.
Life-Size Safer Haptic Environment
We are constructed large-scale haptic devices for life-size environments.
Neuromuscular Hand Control
We are quantifying the development of motor synergies in the human hand.
Portable Wearable Movement Tracking System
We are developing a completely portable and wearable sensor system that accurately tracks and records human limb movements.
Sensory Transfer Systems for the Sensory Impaired
We are developing a sensory transfer system to assist and enhance the manipulation abilities of the sensory impaired.
Silicon/Neuron Interface
We are developing a robust, low-power microengineered interface between living neurons and silicon circuitry.