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Rahul Singh
Research Programmer, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
Interoperability of Future Information Systems (IFIS)
We are developing techniques to help users diagnose and remedy network interoperability problems.
Mobile Communications amongst Heterogeneous Agents (MoCHA)
We are developing a multi-agent system for "Anyware" communications and display.
The MORSE project is a simulated range operation, designed to evaluate effectiveness of the cognitive models and agents, in order to improve individual and team performance.
RETSINA Semantic Web Calendar Agent
We are Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Agent to assist in organizing and scheduling meetings between several individuals, and coordinating these meetings based on existing schedules maintained by MS Outlook.
Reusable Environment for Task Structured Intelligent Network Agents (RETSINA)
An architecture for developing distributed intelligent software agents that cooperate asynchronously to perform goal-directed information retrieval and information integration in support of a varie
Secure Agent Name Server
We are developing a secure agent name server which requires preregistration for deployment.