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Gary K. Fedder
Vice Provost for Research, RI/ECE
Office: WH 406
Phone: (412) 268-8443
  Mailing address:
Carnegie Mellon University
406 Warner Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Current Projects
Application Specific Integrated MEMS Process Service (ASIMPS)
Creating the design, fabrication and characterization support for enabling integration of MEMS and CMOS to span from low cost prototyping to high volume production.
Biologically Inspired Micro Robotics
This project seeks to develop a joint angle sensor for a robotic cricket, which is part of a larger project with Case Western Reserve University.
We have designed and built inkjet-based bioprinters to controllably deposit spatial patterns of various growth factors and other signaling molecules on and in biodegradable scaffold materials to guide tissue regeneration.
Circuit Extraction from MEMS Layout
We are developing a MEMS extraction module which reads in the geometric description of the layout structure and reconstructs the corresponding schematic.
Foundation for MEMS Synthesis (MEMSYN)
shorten MEMS development cycle
High-Aspect-Ratio CMOS Micromachining Process
We have developed an integrated CMOS- MEMS process in which electrostatically actuated microstructures with high-aspect-ratio composite-beam suspensions are fabricated using conventional CMOS processing.
Integrated MEMS for Space Applications
Integrated MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMIMU)
Developing a monolithic inertial measurement unit that exploits integrated-microdevice CAD tools to achieve superior system performance over individual microdevices.
Resonator Synthesis
We have developed a resonator synthesis module; the first in a series of synthesis modules to overcome the lack of MEMS Cell Libraries.
Schematic Design for MEMS
We have developed nodal simulation software to enable a structured representation for MEMS design using a hierarchical set of MEM components.
Silicon Micro-Disk Arrays for Data Storage
Silicon microdisk fabrication
Tactile Displays Using MEMS Actuator Arrays
We are developing tactile dusplays using MEMS actuator arrays
Ultra-High-Density Data Cache for Low-Power Communications
Demonstrating technology for a 10 GB/cm2 rewritable data storage system using MEMS-based actuators and magnetic recording.