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Bryan Nagy
Non Exempt Technical, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Personal Homepage

Past Projects
Automated Field-Container Handling System
Develop a containerized plant handling system for nursery growers
CTA Robotics
This project adresses the problems of scene interpretation and path planning for mobile robot navigation in natural environment.
Material Transport (AMTS)
NREC developed AMTS, an innovative system for accurately guiding robotic material transport vehicles in industrial settings.
PerceptOR (NRECPerceptOR)
NREC designed, developed and tested an innovative autonomous perception and navigation system for the DARPA PerceptOR program.
Robotics Simulation Support
NREC is collaborating with RAND Corporation to incorporate the latest in NREC's field-proven robotic mobility models and planning software into RAND's suite of high-resolution, force-on-force simulators enabling rigorous analysis of scenarios involving robotic systems.