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Simon Baker
Adjunct Faculty, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
2D->3D Face Model Construction
We develop a linear algorithm that uniquely recovers the 3D non-rigid shapes and poses of a human face from a 2D monocular video.
AAM Fitting Algorithms
Many varieties of algorithms for fitting Cootes and Taylor's "Active Appearance Models" are developed.
AAMs with Occlusion
We are developing algorithms to construct AAMs from occluded training images and to efficiently fit AAMs to faces containing occlusion.
Automatic Construction of Active Appearance Models
An algorithm for the automatic (unsupervised) construction of an Active Appearance Model.
Car Tracking
Algorithms for tracking cars and generating "bird's eye views" of the surrounding road scene.
Coplanar Shadowgrams for Acquiring Visual Hulls of Intricate Objects
We present a practical approach to shape-from-silhouettes using a novel technique called coplanar shadowgram imaging that allows us to use dozens to even hundreds of views for visual hull reconstruction.
Face and Facial Feature Tracking
Rigid Tracking of Faces and Non-Rigid Tracking of Facial Features
Face Databases
Miscellaneous face databases collected at CMU.
Face Model Building and Fitting
Techniques for building and fitting 2D and 3D models of human faces and heads.
Face Recognition
Recognizing people from images and videos.
Face Recognition Across Pose
Recognizing people from different poses.
Facial Expression Analysis
Automatic facial expression encoding, extraction and recognition, and expression intensity estimation for the applications of MPEG4 application: teleconferencing, human-computer interaction/interface.
Gaze Estimation
Algorithms for estimating where someone is looking
Hallucinating Faces
A super-resolution algorithm with a strong face-specifc prior.
Human Kinematic Modeling and Motion Capture
We are developing a system for building 3D kinematic models of humans and then using the models to track the person in new video sequences.
Human Motion Transfer
We are developing a system for capturing the motion of one person and rendering a different person performing the same motion.
Image Enhancement for Faces
Video enhancement techniques, specifically tailored for human faces.
A variety of uses of light-fields in computer vision.
Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On
A Unifying Framework for Image Alginment
Photometric Limits on Computer Vision
An investigation into the fundamental limits imposed on computer vision algorithms by imperfect or incomplete photometric information.
PIE Database
A database of 41,368 images of 68 people with Pose, Illumination, and Expression variation.
Prediction & Planning
This project analyses the safety and interaction of moving objects in complex road scenes.
Scene Flow
Methods of computing dense, non-rigid motion of 3D scenes.
Setting Low-Level Vision Parameters
Techniques for feeding back information from high-level vision modules to low-level modules to improve the performance of the overall system.
Spatio-Temporal View Interpolation (STVI)
An image-based rendering algorithm for view interpolation across both space and time.
Super-Resolution Optical Flow
A super-resolution algorithm for complex non-rigid scenes.
A system that allows two or more users to communicate remotely via hand-drawn sketches.
Template Update
We are developing an algorithm to update template tracking that avoids the "drifting" problem of the naive update algorithm.
Temporal Shape-From-Silhouette
We are developing algorithms for the computation of 3D shape from multiple silhouette images captured across time.
Textureless Layers
Techniques for the 3D reconstruction of scenes consisting of constant intensity piecewise planar regions (layers).