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Chuck Thorpe
Adjunct Faculty, RI
  Mailing address:
Clarkson University
CU Box 5505, Potsdam, NY 13699-5505

Past Projects
We are developing the Ambler, a six-legged walking robot that addresses the challenges of exploring rugged terrains, acquiring samples, and avoiding dangerous situations.
CTA Robotics
This project adresses the problems of scene interpretation and path planning for mobile robot navigation in natural environment.
Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation (DAMN)
The Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation (DAMN) is a behavior-based architecture similar in spirit to the Subsumption Architecture.
Grid based Approach for Navigation by Evidence Storage and Histogram Analysis (GANESHA)
Grid based navigation
Intelligent Diabetes Assistant
We are working to create an intelligent assistant to help patients and clinicians work together to manage diabetes at a personal and social level. This project uses machine learning to predict the effect that patient specific behaviors have on blood glucose.
No Hands Across America! (NHAA)
Vehicle drives across the United States
Position Estimation
We estimate the position of a robot based on the position of natural landmarks in images.
Rapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler (RALPH)
adaptive steering
The Run Off Road Collision Countermeasures program assists drivers by monitoring the vehicle's position in the lane while a person drives.
Sensor Friendly Highways
Side Collision Warning System for Transit Buses
To develop a warning system which helps a driver of a transit bus to avoid side collisions with pedestrians, other vehicles, or stationary objects.
Simulated Highways for Intelligent Vehicle Algorithms (SHIVA)
SHIVA is a microsimulation of a highway environment, designed specifically for testing intelligent vehicle tactical algorithms.
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Detection, Tracking, and Classification of Moving Objects
We are developing the algorithms to solve Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and Detection, Tracking and Classification of Moving Objects (DTCMO) problems for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Supervised TeleRobotics using Incremental Polyhedral-Earth geometry (STRIPE)
Teleoperating vehicles over low bandwidth links.
Tactical Mobile Robotics
As part of the DARPA Tactial Mobile Robotics program, we are developing techniques for semi-autonomous navigation of a small robot in urban environments.
Transit Bus Collision Warning Systems
Research and integration of side and front collision warning systems for transit buses.
Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Developing autonomous navigation capabilities for mobile robots driving in complex, unstructured outdoor terrain.