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Robert H. Thibadeau
Adjunct Instructor, MLD
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
Ecommerce Institute
The function of the Institute is to serve as a focal point for Electronic Commerce activities at Carnegie Mellon, to offer degree programs and executive education and to conduct research.
Free and Fee
Headlamp Light Distribution Mapping
headlamp light distribution project for General Motors
Image Feature Access Algorithms
algorithm for handling two dimensional graphical objects in document image conversion systems
Intelligent Frame Buffer (IFB)
A ring of networked computers, each of which has the ability to write to the same screen in real time.
Printed Chinese Character Recognition
An omnifont Chinese character classifier
Privacy Server Protocol Project
We are providing research into large-scale distributed and automated negotiations for privacy and the complementary negotiations for digital rights management.
We are developing Scanserver to provide classroom material on the web.
Table Decomposition
Tools that will transform a printed/typed table of data back into a usable ASCII form
Technical Drawing and Figure Decomposition
Tools that allow any component part of technical drawing and figure decomposition
The Historical New York Times Project
We are providing people with a glimpse into actual historical events as they were seen by the people of the day.
The Knowledge Conservancy
The Knowledge Conservancy is a non-profit organization established to communicate and carry out the vision of the universal library.
The Universal Library
Our vision: access, query, and print any book, magazine, newspaper, video, data item, or reference document anytime, anywhere.