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Scott Thayer
Systems Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
3D Mine Mapping (Groundhog)
We are developing robotic systems for automated 3D mine mapping.
3D Object Recognition (ARTISAN)
We are applying our techniques for surface representation and matching to object recognition problems; for example, we have used 3D object recognition as part of the Artisan system for interior mapping.
Advanced Sensor Based Defect Management at Construction Sites (ASDMCon)
This research project builds on, combines and extends the advances in generating 3D environments using laser scanners.
Autonomous Navigation System (ANS)
The NREC is leading the development of perception and path planning within the Autonomous Navigation System program for the Future Combat System.
Cognitive Colonies
We are developing the basic principles that will best govern a group of robots trying to do useful work in difficult and hazardous environments.
Dismount Control Project
We are deveopling Dismount, a system used to track position of an individual and programming a robot to follow it.
Expeditionary Target Identification and Exchange System (ETIES)
we are developing ETIES, a modular software system that provides for target identification, handoff, and engagement.
We have developed a mine mapping robot.
Human Odometer
We are developing the Human Odometer - a system designed for situational awareness for firefighter tracking.
PerceptOR (NRECPerceptOR)
NREC designed, developed and tested an innovative autonomous perception and navigation system for the DARPA PerceptOR program.
Robots for Chornobyl Stabilization