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Constantine Domashnev
Robotics Engineer, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
A-Match, the interface to the RETSINA Matchmaker, provides a web interface for users to advertise their agents, customize agents, find other agents, and query them.
Adaptive Interoperability of Multiple Heterogeneous Agents
To enable requester agents to find provider agents in environments with heterogeneous and dynamic information services, we have developed middle agents which serve to increase agent interoperability.
Agent Storm
Agent Storm is a scenario where agents autonomously coordinate their team-oriented roles and actions while executing a mission.
Agent Transaction Language for Advertising Services (ATLAS)
A DAML-based language for advertising and locating agents, ontologies, and other Web entities.
Dynamic Visualized Information Agent (DVINA)
Knowledge-Based Agent for Information Extraction & Retrieval
Integrating Intelligent Assistants into Human Teams (Joccasta)
A multi-disciplinary research project designed to increase the effectiveness of team decision making in joint planning tasks.
Language for Advertisement and Request for Knowledge Sharing (LARKS)
A common agent capability description language (ACDL) for matching service-requesting software agents with service-providing software agents.
A middle agent that facilitates conections among agents that provide services and agents that request services.
A software environment for route planning and team coordination.
A project aimed at developing methods for automating negotiation among agents and implementing effective machine learning techniques.
Reusable Environment for Task Structured Intelligent Network Agents (RETSINA)
An architecture for developing distributed intelligent software agents that cooperate asynchronously to perform goal-directed information retrieval and information integration in support of a varie
Satellite visibility forecaster
The WARREN system is a multi-agent application that is designed to help users monitor and manage their financial portfolio.