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Alfred Rizzi
Adjunct Faculty, RI
No longer a member of RI.

Past Projects
Actuator with Mechanically Adjustable Series Compliance (AMASC)
We are developing actuation methods for highly dynamic legged locomotion.
Architecture for Agile Assembly (AAA)
Reduction of time to market in agile manufacturing
Constrained Controlled Coverage
Coverage of two dimensional surfaces embedded in three dimensions with emphasis on uniform coverage.
Controlled Coverage for Auto-Body Painting
Speeding up of the paint spray-gun path programming by automation, achieving uniform coverage.
Legless Locomotion
A novel locomotion technique for legged robots when their legs don't touch the ground!
RHex Robot
We are developing a six legged robot capable of achieving a wide variety of dynamically dextrous tasks.
Robots in Scansorial Environments (RiSE)
We are developing a bioinspired climbing robot with the unique ability to walk on land and climb on vertical surfaces.