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Peter Barnum
PhD Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Personal Homepage

Past Projects
A Multi-Layered Display with Water Drops
With a single projector-camera system and a set of linear drop generator manifolds, we have created a multi-layered water drop display that can be used for text, videos, and interactive games.
A Projector-Camera System for Creating a Display with Water Drops
In this work, we show a computer vision based approach to easily calibrate and learn the properties of a single-layer water drop display, using a few pieces of off-the-shelf hardware.
Dynamic Seethroughs: Synthesizing Hidden Views of Moving Objects
This project involves creating an illusion of seeing moving objects through occluding surfaces in a video. We use a 2D projective invariant to capture information about occluded objects, allowing for a visually compelling rendering of hidden areas without the need for explicit correspondences.
Rain and Snow Removal via Spatio-Temporal Frequency Analysis
Particulate weather, such as rain and snow, create complex flickering effects that are irritating to people and confusing to vision algorithms. We formulate a physical and statistical model of dynamic weather in frequency space. At a small scale, many things appear the same as rain and snow, but by treating them as global phenomena, we can easily remove them.