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Paul Rybski
Senior Systems Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.
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Past Projects
Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer (CAMEO)
We are developing the Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer (CAMEO) - a sensory system designed to provide an electronic agent with physical awareness of the real world.
Context-sensitive bicycle and pedestrian detection and tracking
This project supports the development of algorithms to fuse sensor data from cameras, lidar, and radar for the purposes of detecting and tracking pedestrians and bicycles in proximity to autonomous cars.
Inferring Adversarial Intent with Automated Exploratory Behaviors
This project examines how an autonomous vehicle can monitor and infer the intent of other vehicles (either human-driven or autonomous) around it. We are studying how the autonomous vehicle can explicitly select actions to perform that will explicitly test the inferred intent of the external vehicles.
Intelligent Infrastructure for Automated People Movers
We are evaluating sensors and autonomous control mechanisms that will allow for future public transportation systems to perceive the environment and operate more safely and efficiently.
Intelligent Monitoring of Assembly Operations (IMAO)
Our goal is to allow people and intelligent and dexterous machines to work together safely as partners in assembly operations performed within industrial workcells. To ensure the safety of people working amidst active robotic devices, we use vision and 3D sensing technologies, such as stereo cameras and flash LIDAR, to detect and track people and other moving objects within the workcell.
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS)
Develop complete, effective and scalable software for autonomous robot teams. Demonstrate robot teams with integrated action, perception, reasoning, communication and cooperative strategies that solve complex multiagent tasks.
Robotic Soccer (RoboSoccer)
The RoboSoccer project develops collaboration among multiple autonomous agents.
The Snackbot is a mobile robot designed to deliver food to the offices at CMU while engaging in meaningful social interaction.
Tartan Racing
Carnegie Mellon University is teaming with General Motors to compete in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.
Urban Challenge