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Robin Shoop
Director of the Robotics Academy, RI
Office: NREC 262
Phone: (412) 681-7160
  Mailing address:
National Robotics Engineering Center
10 40th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Affiliated Center(s):
 National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)
 Center for the Foundations of Robotics (CFR)

News and Media
Robotics Academy Launches $7 Million Educational Initiative
July 13, 2010. A new four-year, $7 million educational initiative by Carnegie Mellon University will leverage students’ innate interest in robots and other forms of “hard fun” to increase U.S. enrollments in computer science and steer more young people into scientific and technological careers.
Robotics Academy Develops Associate Degree
February 23, 2009. More than two dozen industry partners have joined with Carnegie Mellon University and other Pittsburgh-area universities and community colleges to create an associate degree program that will train technicians to build and maintain robots and other embedded computer systems, which have become ubiquitous in today’s world.