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Tom Lauwers
Instructor, RI
No longer a member of RI.

News and Media
Teaching Old (Toy) Robots New Tricks With Bluetooth Link
December 14, 2011. Toy robots and other gadgets operated with infrared (IR) remote controls can gain new capabilities — and perhaps some intelligence — by use of a device called Brainlink that enables a Bluetooth link with an Android-based smartphone or a laptop computer. The device, developed by Carnegie Mellon University spin-off BirdBrain Technologies, with assistance from the Robotics Institute's CREATE Lab, makes it possible to control a robot, such as WowWee’s popular Robosapien toy, using a computer or Android smartphone.
Robot Aids Computer Programming Classes
May 05, 2011. Learning how to program a computer to display the words “Hello World” once may have excited students, but that hoary chestnut of a lesson doesn’t cut it in a world of videogames, smartphones and Twitter. One option to take its place and engage a new generation of students in computer programming is a Carnegie Mellon University-developed robot called Finch. A product of the Robotics Institute, Finch was designed specifically to make introductory computer science classes an engaging experience once again.