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Peter Coppin
Project Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.


Coppin's work spans interactive art and telerobotics applied to art, entertainment and education. Coppin's work focuses on the creation of a medium for distributed public experience of real remote locations using publicly accessible information technology to allow members of the public to access remote sites via specialized robotics visualization and control devices at the remote sites.

Currently Coppin is Principal Investigator of the NASA-funded EventScope Project. EventScope's resources, technology and team methodology are directed toward public visualization and experience of real remote locations through mobile and remote field robots. EventScope adapts NASA 3D virtual world data sets to Internet-friendly protocols so the public, students and scientists can "virtually explore" sites of real science missions and participate in missions as they are happening, as well as relive completed missions. Similar goals and methodologies guided Coppin in his previous role as director of the Big Signal Project (, an Internet portal for public visualization, exploration and participation in the NASA / CMU Robotic Search for Antarctic Meteorites. As part of the visualization and mechanical team for the earlier NASA / CMU Atacama Desert Trek, Coppin co-designed and produced the interactive television show Rover TV, which allowed the TV viewing public to remotely control the Nomad Rover during its field trials in the Atacama Desert.