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Joseph Andrew Giampapa
Senior Project Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.
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I have been pursuing research at CMU since 1995 in and with the following departments: Robotics Institute, Language Technologies Institute, Software Engineering Institute, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Networking Institute, Tepper Operations Management & Manufacturing, and various interdepartmental academic and degree programs. Some of the topics I have investigated:

  • Theories of teamwork and team cooperation, including the integration of humans, agents and robots in teams
  • Development of quantifiable assurance techniques for autonomous robotic teams
  • Development of multi-system assurance techniques and technologies for electrical power grid SCADA systems.
  • Analysis of heuristics for the distributed optimization of multiple objective, multiply constrained distributed entities (multi-objective DCOP)
  • Development of techniques for the automatic certification of composite information systems (e.g. autonous agents, Edge, cloud, SOA systems)
  • Design and development of automatic policy enforcement mechanisms
  • Techniques for automatically applying normative reasoning to computer-mediated human activity
  • Autonomous agent-mediated multi-level information fusion
  • Autonomous agent-mediated secure information workflows and document routing
  • Topic-based need-to-know information assurance
  • Principles for the architecture of autonomous multi-agent systems
  • Ad hoc interoperability across autonomous system architectural boundaries
  • And others

Attracted investment of research sponsors: Army Communications-Electronics Center of the Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army CERDEC), Cyrusoft, Department of Energy Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (DOE CEDS), Finmeccanica, L3-Com, Lockheed-Martin, Navy Personnel Research, Studies, and Technology (NPRST).

Prior to joining the Robotics Institute, I was a researcher in the Language Technologies Institute where I developed and maintained the English language semantic analysis and automatic disambiguation components of the Catalyst multi-lingual automatic machine translation system. Catalyst is in use by Caterpillar for the automatic translation of its technical documentation from English to multiple target languages with 98 - 100% accuracy.

Before joining CMU, I designed and managed industrial software development projects for Olivetti in Milan, Italy: one was a tax evasion detection product line based on AI technologies and data mining techniques; another was a fault tolerant multi-protocol data communications gateway and message switching center for a major European commercial passenger airline.

University Teaching Experience

Electrical and Computer Engineering research seminar 18-890, Modeling and Simulating Energy Grids (MSEG), with prof. Gabriela Hug-Glanzmann, 12 and 15 credit hours and paid summer research.

Electrical and Computer Engineering research seminar 18-890, Simulation of Distributed Coordination Algorithms Overlaid on Networks (SDCAON), with prof. Radu Marculescu, 12 and 15 credit hours and paid summer research.

Thesis Referee for doctoral thesis in the program, "Ingegneria Informatica" at the Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Doctor candidate: Giuseppe Paolo Settembre. Thesis title: Multi-agent Approach to Situation Assessment.

Thesis advisor for Information Networking Institute master's student, Gregor Kronenberger. Thesis topic: Estimating Message Delivery Reliability for a MANET.

Thesis Reader and advisor for Information Networking Institute master's student, Kevin C. Lee. Thesis topic: MIGSOCK II, TCP sockets for the strong mobility of network applications.

Thesis Reader and advisor for Information Networking Institute master's student, Austin Fath. Thesis topic: THISTLE, a multi-agent system for automatically resolving network interoperability problems.

Thesis Reader and advisor for Information Networking Institute master's students, Bryan Kuntz and Karthik Rajan. Thesis topic: MIGSOCK, TCP sockets for strong mobility of network applications.

Teaching Assistant for Tepper School Master of Science in Electronic Commerce (MSEC) Program 20-854.