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Nancy Green
Systems Scientist, HCII
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My current research interests are in human-computer interaction and natural language processing, including

  • automatic text generation,
  • communicative planning/design and media selection/coordination in multimedia and multimodal interfaces,
  • computational models of human-human dialogue strategies and conversational interaction,
  • computational cognitive models of human discourse processing and human-computer interaction,
  • empirical and automated methods of knowledge acquisition for dialogue and text processing,
  • computational applications of theories of discourse, argumentation, and pragmatics (and the extension of these theories to other media),
  • computer-generated interactive narrative and believable agents, and
  • related areas of artificial intelligence such as planning and plan recognition, multiagent systems, and machine learning.

Research Interest Keywords
artificial intelligencedata visualizationhuman-computer interactionnatural language processing