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Louis J. Denes
Visitor, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My most recent interests are in the areas of juvenile arthritis monitoring, pre-cancer detection, human identification research and military surveillance in a semi-retired capacity. Previously, as Manager of the Electro-optics group, I have broadened the depth of optical expertise at CMRI relating to remote optical instrumentation. This expertise through Carnegie Mellon IP has led to the spinning off a new company, Analux, Inc. I am the technical champion of the AnaLux technology. I brought the elements of this technology from Westinghouse STC to the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute and now the Robotics Institute to advance this technology to its present advanced state of development. I provide particular strengths in acousto-optics and IR sensing and evaluation for industrial and government organizations. One key mission is to advance the A-0 filter-based multi-spectral imaging technology to the military and commercial marketplace. I have been a principal investigator on SBIR and STTR programs collaborating with the Advanced Materials Corporation.