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David D. Wilkinson
MS Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Research Interests

I am interested in the design and control of robotic vehicles, mechanisms and tools to be employed in such fields as exploration, search and rescue, aids for the disabled, military tools, and clean power.

I spent the majority of my first year as a graduate student as one of two mechanical engineers in the research and design of Hyperion, a solar-powered robotic rover designed to operate continuously in regions with 24 hours of sunlight to demonstrate the concept of sun-synchronous planetary exploration. I spent the latter part of the year modeling and analyzing the dynamic characteristics of the chassis and suspension of a proposed robotic all-terrain vehicle funded by DARPA's Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV) program. I used ADAMS dynamic analysis software and Matlab for the simulation tasks

I am currently part of a small team developing an anatomically accurate robotic model of a human hand. My primary role is to design and integrate actuators to mimic the function of the intrinsic muscles (the muscles located within the hand itself). I am also working on a personal proposal to design and build a low profile, wearable exoskeleton for the human arm to provide motion and strength for a disabled or elderly person. I may also attempt to apply this technology towards augmenting the strength of a healthy individual for military and/or industrial applications.

Research Interest Keywords
actuatorscontrolfield roboticsmechanismsmechatronicsmedical roboticsspace robotics