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DeWitt Talmadge Latimer
Research Programmer, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My research at Carnegie Mellon focuses on the design of field robotic systems for inspecting and planning inspection of construction projects. Construction projects pose a unique challenge to robotics planning as the schedules and environment are less controlled than in factory settings.

The field inspection system focuses on tightly integrating sensors with field output devices to enable a robotic inspector to interact with field crews. This project focuses heavily on engineering a solution that extends commercial sensor platforms to robotic inspectors that can direct corrective actions in the field.

The inspection planning system is a planner designed to optimize the placement and movement of assessment sensors through a construction job site. This research focuses on developing a concept of measurement goals and achievability of such goals in the environment. From the map of the achievability of the goals, motion plans to deliver sensors to the various goal regions are developed and then minimized using conventional techniques.

Research Interest Keywords
CAD/CAMconstructionfield roboticsinspectionmulti-agent systemsplanning and schedulingschedulingsensors