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Kunnayut Eiamsa-Ard
MS Student, MechE
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

Three -dimensional Exploration exploits a geometric structure termed a roadmap, which is a collection of one-dimensional curves that captures the salient topological and geometric properties of a robot's environment. The advantages of the roadmap in this work are: (1) it can be constructed using sensor data and (2) it is a one-dimensional subset of the robot's space.

Coverage path planning determines a path that a robot must take in order to pass over each point in the target region. The three dimensional coverage produces the skeleton of 3-D solids which has several applications such as robot path planning, feature recognition, medicine, injection molding, finite elements, shape analysis, etc.

Research Interest Keywords
assemblyCAD/CAMcomputer graphicsgeometric modelingmanufacturingmechatronicsmotion planningplanning and scheduling