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Hagen Schempf
Educational Programs Strategic Advisor, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

Understanding and quantifying nonlinear phenomena in manipulator transmissions is necessary to improve the dynamic performance of manipulators in force control tasks. Thus the design of actuators and transmissions has to be a crucial component of any manipulator design phase. Cascaded joint modules such as those found in hyper-redundant or serpentine manipulators clearly require careful design and control if high performance positioning and force control at the endpoint, or anywhere along the manipulator for that matter, is desired.

Control of manipulators mounted on mobile bases requires different kinds of controller structures to take advantage of large workspaces and avoid singularities while exploiting all the dynamic characteristics of vehicles and manipulators. Such criteria are important especially in underwater and space applications, where teleoperated and autonomous behaviors have to be robust and stable.

Inspection and cleanup of hazardous waste sites using novel teleoperated working machines requires that new designs be developed to gain access and safely perform a wide variety of tasks-mostly in underground storage tank settings. Design and development of new locomotion methods, alternate tooling devices, and research into theories of rough terrain locomotion, are just some of the necessary activities that need to be undertaken.

Industrial automation in the process monitoring and materials handling arenas are of interest to me as well, including areas such as paper and pulp, meat processing, oil exploration and production and bulk shipping.

Research Interest Keywords
hazardous environmentsmanipulationmanufacturing